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Best North Metro, GA Stove Repair

We repair all brands/models stoves in North Metro, GA such as Sears stoves, Whirlpool stoves, GE stoves, Sunray stoves, Amana stoves and many more. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and there is no extra charge for the weekend or night appointments. Our service call is Free with the repair and all the work is guaranteed for 1 year.

Raising the Cook top

Turn off all stove burner controls and make sure the stove's surface is cool. Remove burner grates, then raise the hinged cook top and prop it open.
Most stoves have a metal rod for this purpose under the cook top. Find the stove air shutter for the burner that needs adjustment, usually located near the front of the stove, then loosen the Shutter setscrew.
In home stoves heating elements are usually formed from a wire made of an alloy of nickel and chromium called stove nichrome wire. It have good heating characteristics and it's durable. Elements may be classified as stove open elements if the coil of nichrome wire is suspended m the air by a porcelain insulator, or classified as enclosed type elements when the wire is enclosed within a metal sheath with an in dating material such as manganese powder filling the void. In the enclosed element the entire sheath may glow red in some applications Bach as the surface unit on an electric stove, but the nichrome coil itself is not visible. The size, the shape, and the resistance of these cements varies, depending upon the applications and the stove temperature in which it operates. The volt-ohm meter should always indicate continuity, and there should never be a ground caused by the element reaching either the enclosing sheath or, in the case of an open type 6ement, a metal housing of any sort. Various styles and applications of these heating elements will be discussed with the stove on which they are used.

The Stove Thermostat

This is a switch which is either opened or closed by the stove temperature change. The most common thermostat found in home a stoves is the type known as a bimetal thermostat, so-called because of the way in which the mechanical action to open and close switch contacts is derived. In a bimetal thermostat, two dissimilar metals are bonded together. As they are heated or cooled, the differences in their rate of expansion cause a bending or warping action of the piece of metal. This mechanical action is used to operate switch contacts.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Best Rated Bagless Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

Bagless Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

You will find various bagless vacuums showing up all over the marketplace because they are so in high demand. These vacuums are affordable and very convenient.They suck up debris and dirt into their plastic collection containers and you can then simply remove the container from the vacuum, empty it and then pop it back on.There is never a need to replace the container (like the traditional bags) and you can clean them easily for sanitary purposes. Purchasing a brand new vacuum can be expensive.

Therefore, it is important that you ensure the vacuum you invest in will last you a lifetime and perform as expected. If you choose to go with the bagless vacuum, the amount of different choices out there can get a bit overwhelming.

If you are looking for a new vacuum cleaner, consider shopping for a bagless model. Take a look at the different features and pay close attention to the performance tests and results that each has been through. Customer reviews are a great resource for finding out where each model excels in different cleaning and living situations over others.

By knowing what you want in a vacuum cleaner first you can pick and choose between each of these top options to find what is easiest for you to use in your own home, will clean the best and be the best value for your money.

Shark Navigator NV22L Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Shark Navigator NV22L Upright Bagless Vacuum CleanerThe Shark Navigator NV22L Bagless Vacuum is created with Infinity Technology which allows it to pull 99% of debris and dirt away from its filter to provide you with very effective cleaning without suction loss.The power nozzle on this unit lifts as well as traps dirt, dust and pet hair from your carpeting while the 2-motor, unique system means you can switch off the electronic brush roll to transition from carpet to bare floor effortlessly.

Product Features:
  • Comes with lightweight, upright design with wheels that are smooth-gliding
  • Keeps the dirt and debris off filter with the Infinity Technology for suction power that is consistent
  • Offers a ergonomic grip that has a power nozzle with on and off brushroll for bare floors and carpets
  • Includes dusting brush, super-stretch hose, turbo power brush, 2 crevice tools and lifetime filters
  • Measurements are around 12 3/5 x 10 1/5 x 35 2/5 in and comes with a 5 yr limited warranty
Final Analysis:

  • This vacuum is engineered a lot like a shop vac since it preserves suction due to bypassing the air filters on intake.
  • You can wash the filters and you even get an extra set to use while the others are drying.
  • Although you will not find a vacuum that is completely quiet, this one is much quieter than many others.
  • It is also fairly light as well.
  • It does not have a HEPA filter which is a major surprise.
  • Also, the instructions state that it will not be necessary to wash the filter, however, it gets disgusting and needs to be washed.
  • Very minimal complaint though which is why we have rated the Shark Navigator NV22L Vacuum Cleaner our first choice for bagless vacuums.
Panasonic MC-CL310 Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Panasonic MC-CL310 Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner combines smooth maneuverability with an 11 amp motor which helps it to deliver the most powerful cleaning ever.
 It has 2 big wheels that make it simple to move around from one place to another and its long swivel hose which is 360 degrees as well as 8 in floor nozzle that is multi-directional allows you to reach under furniture, across carpets and floors.

It comes complete with a dirt cup that is removable and simple to empty and it's HEPA filter captures tiny particles like irritants, pollutants and allergens.

Product Features:
  • Comes with a 11 amp powerful motor system
  • Comes with 10 in cleaning path and multi-angle, versatile nozzle
  • Provides maximum suction and gets into those hard to reach areas with the edge grabber
  • attachment
  • No need to replace messy bags due to the bagless design
  • Measurements are 9 1/2 in x 11 in x 15 1/2 in and comes in a light blue finish
Final Analysis:

  • This vacuum does a really amazing job and is really lightweight so you can actually lift it with only one hand.
  • It works great on both carpets and floors and can easily reach under your bed, around corners or on shelves with ease.
  • It has a simple, yet elegant design and you simply pull it from its box, put together just a few components in a minute and you are ready to go.
  • It has multiple filters which works great at eliminating fine dust blowback into your air and environment when vacuuming.
  • It really does not take up too much room and is simple to move around while vacuuming.
  • It's cord rewinds with just a press of a button which is really convenient.
  • It would have been nice if the stick would click into the hose as it does tend to fall when you are vacuuming.
  • Also, the cord is a little short so you may have to replug it on occasion while vacuuming as well.
  • Because of these minor issues, we are rating the Panasonic MC-CL310 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner second on our list of recommended bagless vacuums.
BISSELL 82H1 Cleanview Helix Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Review

This unique vacuum captures debris and dirt with a very powerful performance regardless if you are cleaning bare floors or carpets.

Product Features:
  • Clean bare floors or carpets with this 12 amp bagless vacuum
  • You get powerful cleaning with the Helix dirt-separation system
  • Offers dual-edge cleaning, adjustable height, HEPA media filter and easy-empty dirt container
  • Includes crevice tool, TurboBrush, upholstery and dusting brush and extension wand
  • Measurements are 12 1/2 x 15 x 44 in; comes with 1 yr limited warranty
Final Analysis:

  • Right from the box this vacuum is simple to put together and is very user friendly.
  • It has a really powerful motor and it cleans up debris and dirt from your carpets with ease.
  • The knob for varying power is adjustable and there is one for the bare floors too.
  • You can easily replace the dirt cup and you can easily clean those hard to reach places with the dusting brush and extension wand.
  • Put it all together with just a single screw and the filter system works great too.
  • You can lower the handle to push, and lower more for underneath chairs and tables.
  • This vacuum is a little on the bulky side but it is great for people who have pets.
  • Also, it would have been nice if the cord was a bit longer, although it is not super short.